Coffee Varieties and Roasts


Kona Silk 100% Kona Coffee comes from our first orchard planted with Kona Typica (Guatemalan strain) coffee tree seedlings. Our Kona Silk is a smooth-flavored, mellow coffee with modest acidity and never any bitter after taste, no matter how strong you brew it. Named for its mild flavor and soft body, the flavor notes include: apple, nutty, vanilla, and chocolate. 


Kona Bold 100% Kona Coffee comes from our original unique trees with Kona Arabica tops grafted onto African Liberican Kona nematode-resistant root stock. These trees are a Guatemalan strain genetically crossed with a Costa Rican strain that were developed in conjunction with the work of the University of Hawaii and the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to combat the Kona-specific nematode. Our Kona Bold coffee boasts a rounded and full bodied cup with flavor notes of: brown sugar, citrus, and malt. 


Big Bean 100% Kona Coffee comes from a single acre of Brazilian coffee trees planted at the top of the farm.  These trees produce the poetically-named Maragogype coffee bean — an extra large arabica bean of very high quality considered one of the best beans in the world.  We have dubbed this robust, full-flavored, very smooth coffee our Big Bean Reserve. This medium-bodied coffee bursts with flavor notes of: cherry, honey, cinnamon, and molasses.


Fire Roasted 100% Kona Coffee is our Kona Silk varietal that has been roasted in the tradition style over an open flame. This converted 1947 Atlas roaster from Mexico with a cast iron drum interior has been seasoned for over 70 years, and with a perforated core, allows for the flame to "lick" the beans, giving them a grilled flavor. Finally, the roast is finished by turning off the gas, and allowing the beans to rest in the smoke for a quick moment, before exiting the machine and cooling. 


Gesha 100% Kona Coffee is a new varietal to Heavenly Hawaiian. This varietal originated from the Gori Gesha Forrest region in Ethiopia and was introduced to Hawaii in 2010 from the Hacienda Esmerelda in Panama. After a brief quarantine with the USDA, the coffee was planted in Kona and is now one of the most coveted varietals in Kona. This coffee is known for its incredible complexity and