Dave & Trudy Bateman

Dave Bateman is a retired lawyer working for both the USAF/USFR and for his own private practice in Olympia, Washington. Mrs. Trudy Bateman is a retired ER nurse, having practiced in many hospitals from California to Washington state to Washington DC! Together, they purchased Heavenly Hawaiian in 2005 and have been farming coffee and expanding the team ever since. 


Senior Staff

Bill Myers, CEO

Bill is a refugee from the political world of Washington, DC. He arrived in Kona 15 years ago, traded political intrigue for Hawaiian aloha, and is now slowly redeeming those pieces of his soul he had previously sold off by helping to create Kona’s best coffees and build what is now Hawaii's highest-rated coffee farm.  In his spare time, Bill restores historic churches.  

Alexandria Hollis, Director of Customer Engagement

A central Virginia native, Alex's appreciation for excellent foods developed while gaining degrees in Culinary Arts and Business Administation. She continued her education to receive a BA in International Relations with a focus in Latin American and Caribbean Studies from James Madison University. With 10 years experience in the Food and Beverage industry, her dreams of working on a sustainable and direct trade coffee farm led to Heavenly Hawaiian in 2018. She is further pursuing her coffee education in Specialty Coffee Association courses with the goal of becomming a certified Arabica Coffee Q Grader and coffee roaster. 


Brett Strawn, Director of Business Strategies 

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Brett had always dreamed of moving to Hawaii, and spent many years visiting multiple islands. After researching our work stay program, Brett decided to join the farm, and discovered the perfect niche for him to stay here at Heavenly Hawaiian. His experience in data analysis and business strategy has been a true asset to creating a truly wonderful exeperience for our guests and staff.  


Samantha Wilson, Director of Marketing

Sam is from Southern California where her love for nature and the ocean blossomed. She earned an academic scholarship to Baylor University where she earned a BBA in Marketing and played on the Women's Club Lacrosse team. Following graduation, Sam ventured to Austin, TX where she worked for various FinTech organizations and participated in art collectives involving visual arts, electronic, and live music. Feeling stifled by the corporate grind, she joined the Heavenly workstay program and later accepted a full time position. Off the farm, you can find Sam hiking, snorkeling, coaching holistic health practices, playing beach volleyball, and practicing her improv skills.


Helen Burnett, Director of Workstay and Recruitment

Helen has been a critical leader of the Work Stay program since its inception in 2018. Helen has been the head Work Stay recruiter since 2020, and has brought substantial talent to the farm, including five Work Stay recruits who have gone on to join our professional staff. Helen has 6 years of combined experience in Customer Success and the Food and Beverage Industry, and she is currently earning a degree in Natural Resource Tourism from Colorado State University.


Randi Lancelotti, Logistics Manager

Aloha! I am Randi. I am from the midwest. Iowa to be exact. I grew up in the city but was fortunate enough to experience the enchanting farm life every summer while staying with family. I am starting a new chapter in my life and couldn't think of a better place to do it than right there. I'm enjoying the less stressful, slower paced world of coffee compared to my 17 year career as a Realtor in Iowa. I knew little to nothing about coffee when I arrived on the scene here and still have a long way to go. The daily experiences here on the farm are not only educational, they're entertaining as well.


Cole Goodrich, Inventory Manager

Connor Grisham, Workstay/Konalani Manager

One proud Colorado native with a pension for coffee, cocktails, and all matters of hospitality, Connor first entered the Heavenly Hawaiian Workstay Program in the middle of the pandemic in 2020. After going back to Denver to help start and manage a new coffeehouse south of the city, Connor returned with his expertise in crafting amazing drinks behind the coffee bar as Konalani's Manager. Never is there a moment you wouldn't find Connor sharing any new found knowledge gained about coffee or drink making to anyone he can. Connor plans to further his career in specialty coffee by achieving his Arabica Q Grade Certification and eventually opening his own coffeehouse.


Bella Horrocks, Social Media Manager

Bella is from Tennessee and discovered her love for Hawaii, the ocean, and farm life in 2021. She received a Communication degree in 2020 from the University of Tennessee and has since pursued a Social Media and Marketing career. Passionate about connecting with people through writing, photography, and design, Bella has worked with several small businesses and nonprofits. Outside of the communication world, Bella enjoys hiking, rock climbing, paddle boarding, traveling, and of course, coffee!

Umi The Cat, Chief of Gecko Control/Coffee Influencer

From humble beginnings as the official poke taster at a popular Kona restaurant, Umeke decided to quit his job on the spot to join our ohana at the farm. Now he spends his days giving tours of the farm, accepting love from all of his adoring fans, sampling the trees for the best scratching posts, and controlling our gecko population.