100% Kona Peaberry Coffee, What's all the hype about?

100% Kona Peaberry Coffee, What's all the hype about?
Chase Shugarman

You may have wondered, what’s all the fuss about peaberry coffee? And why is it so expensive?!

For starters, it is extremely rare. Peaberries are a happy accident that makes up about 3% of coffee beans. When only 1 bean forms inside of a coffee cherry, instead of 2, you get a peaberry. It is a rounder bean instead of the typical flat coffee bean. When this happens, it means that one of the beans failed to grow and all of the nutrients that would have gone to that bean are redirected into the now peaberry. 100% Kona peaberry makes for an extremely flavorful, smooth, and delicious cup of coffee.

These peaberries tend to be round, small, and dense. It is difficult to roast them with other coffee beans because they require a longer roast at a lower temperature due to their density. All of these reasons caused the peaberries to actually be considered trash. It was not until recently that coffee farmers started realizing what was happening and that this bean is actually a very high-end coffee.

We like to separate our peaberries and serve peaberry coffee. We also roast them and cover them in chocolate!

In the comments, let us know if you’ve tried the coffee or the chocolates and if you think it lives up to the hype.

Try our peaberry coffee here: https://heavenlyhawaiian.com/peaberry-medium-roast...

Try our Chocolate Covered Peaberries: https://heavenlyhawaiian.com/dark-chocolate-covere...

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