3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Coffee

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Coffee

While some may call the lush, volcanic slopes of our Heavenly Hawaiian coffee farm heavenly, we didn’t name the coffee for our, admittedly, beautiful surroundings. No, what we aim for with our Kona Coffee and Kona Coffee products is not only a taste that’s divine, but a business plan that is as well.

Through the thick fog swirling round the mountain, we toil tirelessly on our farm, trying to produce the very best Kona Coffee beans we can in order to create a truly memorable experience for our customers, and ourselves.

Why Choose Heavenly Hawaiian?

There’s a number of reasons to choose Heavenly Hawaiian as your Kona Coffee provider, and a number of reasons that make your choice not only beneficial to you, but to the local population on the Big Island, itself.

1. Locally Grown, and 100% Kona Coffee Beans

You’re getting nothing but pure, 100% Kona coffee beans, straight from the rich, volcanic soil on the slopes of Hualalai. We really like it here, but our coffee trees seem to like it even more. Kona is more than just a beautiful place to live, it’s one of just two microclimates in the world which infuses more oils than acids into the coffee beans, giving Kona Coffee its subtle, smooth, and rich flavor.

Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Coffee & Kona Coffee Products

Even if you’re not a coffee lover, Heavenly Hawaiian offers a variety, of tasty treats that, of course, go best with our coffee:

Orange macadamia nuts Chocolate covered peaberry coffee beans Kona Coffee & macadamia nut Brittle

Join The Heavenly Hawaiian Coffee Club

You don’t need to be in store for access to these great products, or, have access to member exclusive benefits. From the East Coast to the West, you can reap the rewards of joining Heavenly Hawaiian’s Coffee Club today! Never run out of coffee again, order up a pound or two, gather up some gifts, and grab a souvenir without leaving the comfort of your own home.

2. Heavenly Hawaiian is a Premium Name in the Kona Coffee Industry

Heavenly Hawaiian has been around since 1998, and since then, we’ve been nurturing our plants and honing our skills to create truly exceptional Kona Coffee products.

You don’t have to trust our boasting, either. There’s been more than a few judges who’ve done some boasting of their own – awarding us with some pretty prestigious awards, like:

  • 2016 – Finalist – Kona Coffee Cultural Festival (HH)
  • 2015 – Chef’s Choice – Cream of the Crop Competition (HH)
  • 2015 – People’s Choice – Cream of the Crop Competition; Holualoa Coffee and Art Stroll (HH)
  • 2014 – 1st Place – People’s Choice – Holualoa Coffee and Art Stroll (HH)

While we’re really only concerned in competing with ourselves, to keep pushing the limit in the quality of product we create, the accolades, we must admit, are pretty nice. We strive to be a premium name in the industry, and will continue to push for that title of “Best Kona Coffee” for years to come.

3. Buying Heavenly Hawaiian Means Supporting a Fair and Living Wage

Life is about more than the wonderful aroma of fresh, Kona Coffee in the morning. As much as we love a fresh mug to wake us up, we aren’t willing to step on farmers or workers to get it. That’s why we’re committed to business practices that are as heavenly as our coffee.

By choosing Heavenly Hawaiian, you are helping to sustain the local economy on the Big Island, as well as supporting a fair and living wage for our workers. We respect the beautiful aina we farm, and take pride in the rich Hawaiian culture surrounding us. By choosing Heavenly Hawaiian, you are helping to make a positive impact on all Hawaiian’s, and their ohanas.

Come Check Out Heavenly Hawaiian Today

Don’t leave the best part of Kona (okay, our beaches are pretty amazing, too) in Hawai’i. You can bring Kona Coffee home by ordering this sweet, smooth nectar online.

There’s many Kona Coffee products to choose from, and you can check out the variety we have here. Our products make great gifts, great souvenirs, and they offer a chance to gather together, spreading the joy of quality around the world through excellent Kona Coffee products.

Check out Heavenly Hawaiian’s products, or, for more information, feel free to contact us, today!

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