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Heavenly Decaf 100% Kona Coffee

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100% Kona Coffee, decaffinated with the liquid carbon dioxide method, and fire roasted for the best possible flavor. This rich coffee is unlike any decaf you have ever tried! With flavor notes of smooth and silky vanilla bean, marshmallow, roasted nuts, and a slight smokey hint, it is the perfect complement to any dessert or as the first sip to any early morning!

*Heavenly Hawaiian uses the safest, healthiest, and most delicious way to decaffeinate coffee by exposing the coffee to liquid carbon dioxide and preserving all of the delicious coffee flavor. Heavenly Hawaiian Decaf may have slight delays based on the supply of the CO2 used to decaffeinate our coffee, and we strive to send out your orders as soon as possible! Mahalo for your patience!*

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