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Kona Harmony (Limited-Edition)

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Kona Harmony - 100% Kona Coffee

  • Varietal - K7 - created by Scott Labs, this coffee has a creamy body and a mild acidity.
  • Process - Washed - This process involves removing the cherry skin from the coffee beans at which point the organic matter and mucilage is stripped off by washing with water before the beans are dried. This removes any impurities and gives the coffee a cleaner taste.
  • Roast - Medium
  • Flavor Notes - Spring flowers, fresh peaches, and blueberry lemon pastries.

Our Kona grown K7 is truly a special varietal. Created in Kenya by Scott Labs, the same company that brought us the SL 34 that was 2023's Kona Christmas, this coffee is a descendent of Bourbon coffee. Known for its amazing cup and full bodied flavor, this coffee is also incredibly resistant to coffee diseases like coffee leaf rust and the coffee borer beetle.

While this is a very resilient coffee, our favorite part about this coffee is how well it has adapted to the Kona soil. One of the most complex coffees cupped by our in house Q grader, this coffee has a creamy body and a mild acidity with flavor notes of spring flowers, fresh peaches, and blueberry lemon pastries. A truly incredible cup!

V60 pour over - ratio of coffee to water 1:16 and water at 200*F. For this pour over, I used 10g of true medium grind coffee and added 160g of water. After blooming the coffee for 30 seconds, I used the pulse method, pouring in slow bits of water at a time, keeping the coffee wet at all times, with a brew of about 2:45 minutes. This brought out the fruity and nutty notes in the coffee, truly capturing the delicate acidity and citrus and blueberry notes.

French Press -
I used a 1:18 ratio on the french press using 10g of medium/course ground coffee and 180g of coffee brewed for 5 minutes. I bloomed the coffee for 30 seconds and stirred the coffee during both the bloom and after to make sure that all the coffee had been thoroughly incorporated. Upon tasting, I found that the french press brought out a very earthy, nutty, and muted acidity in the coffee.

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Kona Harmony (Limited-Edition)

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