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Kona Makai | 100% Hawaiian Coffee

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Kona Makai - 100% Hawaiian Coffee

  • Varietal - Kona Typica (Guatemalan strain) - Low acidity resulting in low bitterness.
  • Process - Washed - This process involves removing the cherry skin from the coffee beans at which point the organic matter and mucilage is stripped off by washing with water before the beans are dried. This removes any impurities and gives the coffee a cleaner taste.
  • Roast - Full City
  • Flavor Notes - Candied orange, apricot jam, and roasted nuts, with a creamy mouthfeel.

In Hawaiian, the word "makai" is directional, guiding us seaward, toward the ocean. Our Kona Makai coffee has a special relationship with the ocean, grown on the seaward reaches of the Farm, the first trees caressed by the trade winds and the last to feel the warmth of the afternoon sun.

Just like the serene and peaceful views of the ocean from our Farm, Kona Makai evokes the essential relationship between ocean and island here in Hawaii, like the relationship between our Kona farm and our ohana far and near. We hope you enjoy!