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Kona Peaberry Bliss (8oz)

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Kona Peaberry Bliss

A coffee in perfect balance. The aroma hints at blueberry and apricot. The cup teases delightful, sweet-tart candy notes. The body is light, with an almost tea-like mouth feel.

The Peaberry is a rare and special coffee bean. A precious few coffee cherries concentrate all their flavor and nutrients in a single small, round bean — the peaberry. 
The result is a more intense flavor, a more even roast, a more balanced cup.
Kona Peaberry Bliss is a regal offering from the storied harvest that captured the Crown Division of this year’s Kona Cupping Competition.
Kona Bliss is processed and roasted to highlight the taste of these extraordinary beans. It is processed as a traditional washed coffee with cherries pulped on the evening of harvest, fermented overnight, and then dried. Offered as a light roast, Kona Bliss showcases the freshness, quality and taste of these special beans. Kona Peaberry Bliss is the best peaberry coffee Heavenly Hawaiian has ever offered. Join us in this celebration of rarity and excellence.
Kona Peaberry Bliss has a regal lineage, drawn from the harvest that topped the prestigious Crown Division at the 2023-24 Kona Coffee Cupping Competition. Crafted as a light roast, it reveals a symphony of flavors, including blueberry, apricot, and a delightful sweet-tart candy note, all harmonized in a tea-like, evenly balanced body.

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Kona Peaberry Bliss (8oz)

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