Our Favorite Stocking Stuffers

Holiday Guide

Kona Sweet & Kona Silk

Kona Sweet Pairs well with cheesecake or christmasy desserts because of the dark chocolate and dark berry notes. It also has a tea like body that makes it the perfect pairing for dessert or as its own dessert.

Kona Silk is the perfect coffee to drink on Christmas morning. Bringing the sunshine of Kona and mild flavors of the Kona region to your first cup of the day. Light notes of nuts and milk chocolate make it the perfect pairing for your family tradition of Christmas morning cinnamon rolls

Lookin' For The Right Roast?

Fire Roast & Peaberry Jubilee

Fire Roast, like chestnuts roasting on an open fire, this coffee has been roasted over an open flame and is the perfect pairing for warming up next to the fire place after romping in the snow or chilly Christmas Carols

A celebration for all, Peaberry Jubilee is a beautiful marriage between the rounded flavor of Peaberry and mild taste of Silk. This 100% Kona Blend is the perfect cup to share while celebrating the holidays with your closest friends and family

Heavenly Hawaiian Candies

Our authentic Hawaiian candy is the perfect stocking stuffer!

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